Specialty Lighting


Lightspeed Reality Lighting DC Lantern CBAS

From the Playboy Mansion to the Kardashian Kompound & The Amazing Race, we’ve been lighting reality since the early days of the format. Specializing in rigs that are zero impact and easy to control, we are a one-stop-shop for all your reality needs.


Lightspeed Astera Lighting

We stock a large amount of all the Astera products and are committed to staying on the cutting edge of this technology. With experts on hand to help, renting Asteras from LightSpeed will deliver you good value and great customer service.

LED Ribbon

Lightspeed LED Ribbon Hybrid RGB LiteGear Cush

Cush? LiteGear? Why not both? We offer a variety of ribbon kits and cards in many sizes, lengths, colors and control options for both sales and rental.

Lighting control

Lightspeed Lighting Control DMX

We have a wide range of ETC products, coupled with wireless and wired systems. You can control your rig from 1 universe to 48 or more!

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