LED Ribbon Lighting

LiteGear LED Ribbon Kits
-Ribbon Kits are available with a variety of accessory options:  hybrid or mono color, x1 or x2 ribbon width, AA, 9V, car adapter, 4amp, 8amp, or 15amp power supplies.

-“China Ball on a Stick” is a bi-color Lite-Gear lite ribbon encased in a hard china ball, on a battery operated boom pole.

-“Lightspeed Travel Box” is a bi-color Lite-Gear Ribbon in a plastic 1×4 soft box housing that folds flat for remote travel.

-“Lightspeed Centerpiece” is a bi-color Lite-Gear Ribbon in a translucent white centerpiece for illuminating dinner tables.


Reality Lighting

Kino Flo Celeb 200
Lite-Panel 1×1 Bi-Color
Lite-Panel 1×1 Flood
Lite-Panel 1×1 Spot
-Anton Bauer Batteries available for 1x1s
Lite-Panel Mini Flood
Lite-Panel Mini Spot
Rosco LitePad Gaffer’s Kit
Dedo 4-Head Kit (Self-Ballast)
Kino Flo Diva 400 Kit
KF Kamio 6-ring Lite Kit
KF 15″ DC Car Kit
KF 9″ Mini Flo Kit
Airstar 2K Crystal Balloon Kit
Avi Can
Spike Light
2K Baton Strip
China Balls (assorted sizes)

Reality Grip

4×6 Sunbounce
5-n-1 Flex Fill
Pipe Wall Spreader
2×4 Wall Spreader
Painters Pole
Hot Mount
Swivelier (assorted sizes)
Suction Cup (3″ & 6″)