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RED Epic-W HELIUM 8K Camera Package

The Epic-W can capture RAW 8K images with 16.5+ stops of dynamic range, on a 35.4MP Super 35mm-sized HELIUM sensor.  It can also handle 300fps in RAW 2K resolution.

The Red Epic-W HELIUM 8K Camera Package includes the following:

  • 1- RED Epic-W HELIUM 8K Camera w/ SSD Module & PL or Canon Mount
  • 1- RED Touch 5.0″ LCD
  • 2- RED Mini-MAG SSD Card – 480GB / 1- RED Mini-MAG SSD Station
  • 2- PAG Gold Mount Batteries / 1- PAG Dual Battery Charger
  • 1- RED AC Power Adaptor

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CANON EOS C300 MK I Camera Package


This camera features a Super 35mm 8.3MP CMOS Sensor with a Digic 3 image processor.  It can internally record 1920x1080p at 50Mb/s, 4:2:2 MPEG-2, offering Canon’s LOG gamma mode for expanded dynamic range. It also comes with professional features like HD-SDI output, timecode I/O, genlock input BNC’s, and 2 XLR inputs recording 48kHz linear PCM (24 Mbps).

The Canon EOS C300 MK I Camera Package includes the following:

  • 1- CANON C300 MK I Camera w/ EF Mount
  • 1- CANON C300 Monitor Unit
  • 1- CANON C300 Handle Unit
  • 1- CANON C300 Grip Unit
  • 1- CANON CA-940N Compact Power Adapter
  • 1- CANON CG-940 Battery Charger
  • 2- CANON BP-955 Battery
  • 2- 32GB Extreme CompactFlash Memory Card
  • 1- CF Card Reader
  • 1- PETROL PA1016 Mini Hood

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CANON EOS C100 MK II Camera Package


Weighing only 2.2lbs, this compact camera is 85% the size of the Canon C300, but has the same Super 35mm 8.3MP CMOS Sensor  with a Digic DV 4 processor.  It can internally record 1920x1080p to AVCHD or MP4, but it can also record clean, uncompressed 4:2:2 video with embedded timecode and Canon Log LUT support via the HDMI output.

The Canon EOS C100 MK II Camera Package includes the following:

  • 1- CANON C100 MK II Camera w/ EF Mount
  • 1- CANON C100 Handle Unit
  • 1- CANON C100 Grip Unit
  • 1- CANON CA-940N Compact Power Adapter
  • 1- CANON CA-940 Battery Charger
  • 2- CANON BP-975 Battery
  • 2- 32GB Extreme SDHC Memory Card (Class 10)
  • 1- SD Card Reader
  • 1- HOODMAN H400 Sun Shade

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SONY PMW-EX1 Camera Package

The Sony PMW-EX1 weighs 6lbs (12″ x 7″ x 7″) and is a versatile high-definition camera for any shooting situation.  With a fixed 14x optical zoom and a 3-chip 1/2″ CMOS sensor, the EX1 captures 1920×1080 resolution video to SxS memory cards.  It can also shoot up to 60fps at 1280×720 resolution.

  • 1- SONY PMW-EX1 HD Camera
  • 1- SONY SxS Memory Card – 32GB
  • 1- SONY SxS Memory Card – 16GB
  • 1- SANDISK Hard Case for 2 SxS Cards
  • 2- SONY BPU60 Battery
  • 1- SONY BPU30 Battery
  • 1- SONY EX1 Charge
  • 1- SONY EX1 Remote
  • 1- TIFFEN 77mm Polarizer Filter
  • 1- HOODMAN H400 Sun Shade
  • 1- KATA BP207 Backpack w/ Rain Bag

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